NAQUIN - Precision Earth Moving Solutions for the Southwest United States

About Us

Naquin Precision Earth Moving is proud to have a loyal team with deep roots - both in our company and in the community.

Cody Naquin:

Cody founded Naquin Precision Earth Moving in 1981, right out of high school, developing his skill sets along the way. Naquin notes that in his experience, being humble goes a long way. “If you are humble and ask for help, people will bend over backwards to help you. Even if they’re your competition! I never dreamed that the company would have grown into what it is today with such an ever growing loyal customer base.” However, Naquin says his team and their dedication have always been critical to his company.

Mike Martin:

General Manager

George Espinoza:

George has been with the company since 1986, first as a laborer before quickly transitioning to an operator. As the company grew, he moved to foreman, becoming an irreplaceable asset to the company. He now oversees all jobs as well as many other aspects of the company.

Vern Harris:

A member of the team since 1982, Vern has been with the company since it began. He started as an operator before moving on to foreman. His vast knowledge of our machinery and what makes it tick is essential to our operations.

Jose Espinoza:

Jose started as an operator in 2002, and because of his interest in the machinery moved to a mechanical position, becoming a valuable asset to the company. He has an amazing work ethic - if it needs to be done, he will stay on the job until it’s done. Thanks to Jose's mechanical expertise, our equipment is always professionally maintained and reliable allowing us to consistently complete projects on time and on budget.

Kathy Phipps:

Kathy has been with the company since 2006. Kathy joined Naquin as a bookkeeper, becoming an irreplaceable asset to the company.